Movie Theaters as Soft Targets: Israeli and American Security Expertise

In light of the recent attack on a movie theater in Louisiana, Quantum Innovation Corporation (QIC) believes that adding extra protective layers of security measures must be considered. 

Our team of Israeli and American experts offers decades of knowledge and expertise in various disciplines relating to security preparedness. Israeli experience, under the leadership of former Israel National Police Commissioner, Assaf Heffetz  along with former officials of Massachusetts State Police who have trained TSA and other agencies internationally in Behavioral Analysis, can help support industry efforts to adapt to these conditions with proven knowledge and expertise. 

We are available to explore consulting and training options that can help the Movie Theater industry: 

  • Security and threat assessments or upgrades of existing assessments including evaluation of physical security measures, surveillance, alarm and communication systems, public safety response protocols, evacuation and lock down plans and drills, and personnel training requirements  
  • Behavior detection techniques that use existing personnel as a “force multiplier” to detect threats without slowing throughput and without customer awareness.
  • Development of an all-hazard security policy and procedural manual to guide threat prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery.
  • Crisis communications/public relations and media/spokesperson training to minimize negative public reaction to increased security and the aftermath of an actual incident.  
  • Online training programs to reach maximum personnel at minimum cost.

Our advisory board members have held high-level operational positions in Israel’s security and intelligence communities. Former Commissioner Assaf Heffetz headed the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics Risk Assessment Committee and was a consultant to the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics. HIDE (Hostile Intent Detection and Evaluation) was developed by QIC as a cost effective way to screen patrons without hiring additional personnel or acquisition of intrusive screening technologies  Used in over 160 airports in the US as well as abroad, this program is ideal for front-line employees who provide the first line of defense against hostile events.

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